Hi, I’m David.
I design, code and grow digital products.

I'm a freelance web and mobile app developer, based in Austria, with multiple years of experience working in agile teams. I specialize in creating complex web-applications with React and TypeScript. I'm also skilled in Angular, React Native and GraphQL. From my work as a full-stack developer I gained a lot of experience with Java, Node.js and Spring Boot.

I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to mentor other developers, sharing my expertise and helping them build their skills.

Apart from working as a freelance developer, I'm also the co-founder of Mindvoll, a small software company together with Daria, where we develop award winning apps which were downloaded over 2 million times world-wide.

At Mindvoll, we're committed to using technology and great design to improve people's lives. Our apps are designed to help users develop healthy habits, manage stress and anxiety, and improve their overall well-being. We believe that by creating software that is easy to use and visually appealing, we can help people make positive changes in their lives.

My Apps

Since 2019 I am working on various apps together with Daria. We're passionate about creating visually appealing apps with great design, making them accessible and user-friendly. Ultimately, we want to help people live happier and healthier lives, and we believe that our apps can make a real difference.

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Avocation is a habit tracker app designed to make forming new habits or breaking old ones a fun and enjoyable experience.

The app's unique gamification system  provides a fun and rewarding experience for users, as they grow their plant and watch it thrive as they maintain their habits. This encourages users to continue with their habits and make progress towards their goals, while also allowing for the occasional day off without breaking their streak.

Avocation has been widely recognized for its innovative approach to habit tracking, with over 2 million downloads worldwide. In 2020, the app was named "Best apps of 2020" by Google and was featured multiple times as "App Of The Day" by Apple in over 100 countries.

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Mood swings are a common issue for many of us, but managing them can be a challenge. That's where Moodmonk comes in. It's an app designed to help you be mindful about how you feel throughout the day and act upon your moods in a positive way.

With tailored positive content, daily affirmations, exercises, and thoughts for daily reflection, Moodmonk can help you get energized, motivated, and feel a little better. The app offers a wide variety of topics and activities, such as daily self-care, filling out gratitude journals, stress management, and relief, breathing exercises, goal setting, and much more.

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I have experience using Webflow as a tool to build visually appealing and functional websites.


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